About Stater Blockchain

Stater Blockchain is a technology company focused on developing and deploying globally scalable blockchain technology solutions in the financial markets.

In the last few months, there has been an immense growth in traded volumes across cryptocurrencies which have now emerged as a credible and fast-growing asset class. Blockchain and related technologies are at the forefront of transformation of client onboarding and reconciliation processes across financial services.

Stater Blockchain is uniquely positioned to be the leading provider of market access as well as technology solutions.

Stater Blockchain’s wholly owned subsidiary Stater Global Markets is a UK regulated brokerage that facilitates market access across multiple instruments including spot fx, Ditigal Currency Futures, and CFDs.

Stater Global Markets has existing relationships with a well-diversified global client-base and a number of Tier One financial institutions. This audience represents an ideal distribution channel for the technology solutions of Stater Blockchain.

Insitutional Relationships

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Our Vision

To be the leading distributed ledger technology player in finance

Smart Solutions

Stater Blockchain is developing multiple blockchain and digital currency technology solutions, such as its "Smart Settlements" and "Smart KYC" platforms, for the global financial markets where significant disintermediation opportunities exist.

Stater Blockchain is leveraging from the decades of experience of Stater Global Markets management and staff to deliver real-world scalable solutions through Blockchain.

Smart Settlements and Smart KYC are products borne out of that experience and will solve problems that existing market participants face with the existing infrastructure

Initial Coin Offering

Stater Blockchain intends to offer a globally compliant Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that will be fully regulated as a security in accordance with SEC and other financial regulators.

The Stater Token will be used in Stater Blockchain's solutions of Smart KYC and Smart Settlements.

Stater Blockchain works with a network of blockchain and software companies to build out its globally scalable platforms and businesses.

The Team

Tim Connell

Ramy Soliman

Kubi Mensah

Wei Xu

Marc Stenzel

Current Projects

Smart Settlements

Smart KYC

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